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Between pages 160-161
The Bird-Man—Symbol of the Freed Human Soul
The Great Pyramid and the "City of the Dead"
The Magician
—and his House
The Sudanese Negress Witch-Doctor
The Young Syrian "Elyah"
Professor Eduard Ades: The Hypnotist
Madame Marguerite: His "Subject"
Dervish Monastery near Cairo
Ahmed Sirry, the Chief Dervish
The Roofline of Cairo
Tahra Bey
His entranced Body in a Coffin being lowered to the bottom of a swimming bath
An. Ancient Quran, formerly belonging to the late Sultan of Turkey, now in the
Possession of Madam Dahaby, of Cairo Sheikh'El Maraghy, Spiritual Head of Islam The El Azhar Mosque-University Hieroglyphic Wall-carvings The Temple of Denderah The Dendcrah Zodiac
Enterance Doorway of the Initiation-Temple of Osiris: Karnak King Seti I: A Wall-carving Temple Pylon: Karnak Sheikh Abu Shruntp with other Notables Kurna, the Sheikh's Village The Village of Karnak
Sheikh Moussa finding and capturing a Snake Sheikh Moussa A Scorpion
Moussa holding a live Scorpion Sheikh Moussa at Work My "Magic Talisman" Close-up of a Snake's Head The Author facing an upreared Cobra .